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7 Series DEUTZ FAHR 210-250 Horsepower
DEUTZ FAHR Agrotron TTV 7 Series tractors offer state of the art style, efficiency, productivity and comfort. They boast outstanding equipment, including extraordinary DEUTZ AG engine and unbeatable ZF continuously variable transmissions.
The DEUTZ FAHR 7 Series consists of three extraordinary, unique models embodying the perfect union between advanced technological solutions developed and tested by the DEUTZ FAHR engineering division, and unmistakable Giugiaro Design style, with attractive, futuristic forms shaping every component of these superb machines. 

6 Series DEUTZ FAHR  140-190 Horsepower
The DEUTZ FAHR 6 Series is the perfect fusion between technology and design: engineered with built-in efficiency in every single system and with attention to detail in every component, instrument and control, these machines are extraordinarily productive. The range also includes more compact models with a shorter wheelbase that are ideal for any application. With powerful DEUTZ engines, tried and tested Powershift transmissions and instantly recognizable, attractive style by Giugiaro Design with clean, bold lines, the 6 Series sets the standards for others to follow.

5 Series DEUTZ FAHR 100-130 Horsepower
The DEUTZ FAHR 5 Series is a range of extremely versatile state-of-the-art machines offering astonishing versatility in terms of configuration. The 5100, 5110, 5120, 5130 models employ innovative technology to cater for any application in all possible conditions. The perfect fusion of high performance mechanical and technical solutions, unparalleled comfort and ergonomics, and eye-catching style created in collaboration with Giugiaro Design, this tractor is a model of force, power functionality and elegance.
DEUTZ FAHR Agrofarm 85-110 Horsepower
Multi-role versatility offering multi-role functionality and great performance at outstanding value for money, the Agrofarm 410/420/430 range is available in a variety of configurations, with two or four wheel drive and as platform or cab variants. Conceived to cater for a wide range of applications: versatility is the greatest strength of these tractors. Ideal for farms approaching mechanization for the first time, but also as additional tractors to work alongside more powerful machines, with a low center of gravity and integral braking, the DEUTZ FAHR Agrofarm range offers go-anywhere capability in complete safety, even in the roughest terrain conditions.
DEUTZ FAHR Agroplus 70-95 Horsepower
The DEUTZ FAHR Agroplus range consists of four models with different engine powers: 315, 320, 410 and 420. Reliable, competitively priced and economical to run: ideal as the main tractor in a small to medium farm, or as an intelligent and effective addition to supplement an existing equipment pool of more powerful machines for a large, complex farming enterprise. Its short wheelbase and impressive steering angle (55 degrees for 2wd versions) make it the ideal choice for working in very confined, maze-like spaces. DEUTZ FAHR Agroplus also boasts an extraordinary weight/power ratio, making it one of the best choices available for open field applications.
DEUTZ FAHR Agrolux 65-75 Horsepower
The DEUTZ FAHR Agrolux 65/75 series is built specifically for sturdiness and reliability. Available as two power variants (62 and 72 hp), these are extremely productive tractors which, with their short wheelbase, are also extraordinarily nimble and maneuverable. Simple and extremely intuitive to use, DEUTZ FAHR Agrolus 65/75 tractors are conceived for small farms approaching mechanization for the first time, or to complement the existing machine pool of a medium to large farm.
DEUTZ FAHR has always been one of the leading manufacturers of specialized tractors. A particularly vivid example of how these decades of expertise have been put to use in the evolution of the Agroplus, a range of three agile, versatile tractors (V/S/F), with a slimline design conceived to cater for all the needs of the vineyard and fruit orchard. Low and narrow, the go-anywhere Agroplus V is the most compact model of the three; the Agroplus F is the widest, to offer maximum grip together with the benefits of limited size; bristling with outstanding high-tech features, the Agroplus S is the most versatile.
Large scale high horsepower is what the Deutz Fahr Agrotron X covers. Featuring the latest inovations from Deutz-Fahr the Agrotron X series is sure to amaze.
Agrotron M is a tractor like no other, with eye-catching, exclusive style and a generous panoramic cab. These attributes come together with state of the art DEUTZ engine matched to perfection with efficient ZF Powershift transmissions and high performance hydraulic system to create an astonishingly effective package. Power Efficiency, the philosophy pursued by DEUTZ FAHR to implement the best technological solutions in every aspect of its products for maximum cost-effectiveness, reaches new heights in the Agrotron M.