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Deutz-Fahr Series 7 - Productivity In Your Hands

Deutz-Fahr Series 7 - Simplicity in Control
The new Maxi Vision Cab offers a very high level of technology and comfort. Computerized analysis of air-flows, the use of high quality materials and the spaciousness of the cab create an inviting and comfortable working environment. Controls have been designed ergonomically, all of the controls have been laid out in a logical and practical way and all of the on-board information has been clearly indicated, making the tractor easy to drive and putting the operator at ease right from the start.
Deutz-Fahr Series 7 - An Innovative Control System
Designed to manage and configure the numerous on-board functions, the iMonitor-2 allows you to communicate with the machine by simply touching the screen or by using the practical control panel on the side console. The 12" screen is fitted on the side armrest, which is fully integrated into the driving seat. This allows the operator to control all of the tractor's functions in a way that is always practical. 
Deutz-Fahr Series 7 - Efficient Even in Environmental Terms
The beating heart of this innovative series is the Deutz TCD 6.1 L06 4V, 6 cylinder engine, with maximum power levels (ECE R-120 with Power Boost) ranging from 245 HP in the TTV 7230 to 263 HP in the engine that runs the TTV 7250. The engines have four valves per cylinder, with a centrally-positioned injector, and feature a wastegate turbocharger with electronic control and inter-cooler. The DCR (Deutz Common Rail) high-pressure system features an integrated electronic management system that operates up to 29,000 PSI with the emission gas treated by an SCR catalytic converter. These features allow the engine to reach peak performance and excellent fuel consumption levels, as well minimizing pollutant emissions. 
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